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Day 1: printing a small house (glamping unit) on top of the 3D-printed foundation

3D-Printed formwork for the foundation, traditional rebar structure and standard concrete poured into the formwork

Our next generation 3DCP print head is ready!

High productivity and robust design, variable nozzle diameters, ready to process aggregate of up to 10mm, 2K ready and provides full control of printing with the proprietary screw design.
And it has additional vertical axis for easier cleaning and maintenance + enables printing below ground level.

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image 2024 02 17 15 49 22

AFPA, France visited AC3D

We were honored to host a delegation from AFPA to showcase AC3D’ construction printing technology and discuss the prospects and challenges of 3DCP in becoming a widespread solution in contech.

AC3D has participated in Big 5 Global - the largest construction trade show in UAE

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image 2024 02 17 15 49 59
image 2024 02 17 15 50 34

AC3D has completed the development of new 3D printer model: Codemason - Micro Factory!

Micro Factory is an off-site printer designed to print a wide range of concrete parts as well as prefabs for modular construction elements.

Here are some key features of the machine:
1. Large printing area (XYZ) starts from 6x4x3 meters and is adjustable due to modular design.
2. Rigidity of the gantry structure — highest accuracy, surface quality and reliable speed of printing.
3. Robust and easy to maintain high-performance printhead, up to 1.5 cubic meters per hour.
4. The main idea of the printer was to create a scalable high-productivity stationary or mobile 3D printing factory — multiple printing heads can be installed on the same rails.
Modular tent is available for arranging a near-site 3D-printing facility.

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image 2024 02 17 16 09 36
image 2024 02 17 16 12 23

Dubai Municipality visit to AC3D facility

Recently AC3D’s facility in Dubai proudly hosted a delegation from Dubai Municipality.
AC3D made a presentation of our on-site 3D printer Codemason 2.0 and shared the vision and plans on developments in Dubai including local production and assembly of printers.
We are very grateful to Dubai Municipality for the interest in our technology and all the support!

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Let's connect!

AC3D is a rapidly growing automated construction technology company that
uses 3D printing to build the structures of tomorrow.

With this post I’d like to invite professionals from relevant fields to connect and cooperate (please DM me):

Construction 3D printing experts
Material scientists and suppliers
Experts on concrete and composite materials printing heads (incl. 2k printing heads)
Experts on concrete mixers, batch plants, material handling
Designers of mechatronics hardware
Computer vision experts
Automation engineers
Software engineers (incl. industrial Ai-based applications)
Architects (incl. Ai-inspired Architects)
Structural engineers
Construction professionals

3D printing with cementless concrete - geopolymer

Check out thes beautiful AC3D proprietary house designs adopted for construction 3D printing

CEO of AC3D comments on future trends of construction 3D printiung

Our press-release on the launch of AC3D in Middle East created a lot of positive media coverage. Have a look on one of the articles: