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Welcome to the future of the built environment.

AC3D is The Developer of a Vertically Integrated 3D Printing Construction Automation Technology

Making Construction Greener, Cheaper and More Productive.

Our vertically integrated solution

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Concrete 3D printers
(on-site) + (off-site)

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Material mixes (including sustainable geopolymer)

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Training and

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Structural engineering

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Adopted buildings

Our Technology

Making construction cheaper, greener, and more productive

Construction Printing Benefits

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Up to 60% reduction in labor costs
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Only 3 laborers needed on-site to oversee printing process
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50% reduction potential in framing costs
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One single family home can be printed in a matter of days (vs. weeks or even months)
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Mobile production line: one printer is capable of printing up to 100 buildings / year
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CO2 reduction
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Energy efficiency
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Low-cement materials
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80% less on-site waste in framing process
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Free-form architecture
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Resistant to disasters

Our Sustainable
Development Goals

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Cementless Material

Print the 1st net-zero 3D printed house utilizing our 100% cementless printing material. This will enable us to reduce the embodied carbon of our structures
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Reducing construction waste

Through 3D printing we will reduce construction waste and excessive GHG production typically found in traditional construction
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Energy Efficiency

Using our advanced printing head, we will develop 3D printed insulation strategies to further increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of our buildings