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Codemason 2.0

Codemason 2.0 is an  on-site modular, track-based gantry printer, allowing it to expand to accommodate a large building footprint.

The printer’s baseline printer area is: Unlimited L x 32’ W x 25’ H (Unlimited L x 9,5m W x 7,5m H) . The printer is capable of site-printing up to two stories.

High rigidity of the printer’s frame provides high precision, printing speed and surface quality.

Our unique and specialized print head is able to process fiber and aggregate up to 10mm and produces a high-quality finish without any additional specialty finish work. Nozzle diameter can be easily changed to control the layering parameters.

Codemason printer is capable of printing a 100% cementless geopolymer as well as other sustainable printing materials

Micro Factory is an off-site printer designed to print a wide range of concrete parts as well as prefabs for modular construction elements.

Here are some key features of the machine:

1. Baseline printing area is 20’ L х 13’ W x 10’ H (6m L x 4m W x 3m H) 
 and is adjustable due to modular design.

2. Rigidity of the gantry structure — highest accuracy, surface quality and reliable speed of printing.

3. Robust and easy to maintain high-performance printhead, up to 1.5 cubic meters per hour.

4. The main idea of the printer was to create a scalable high-productivity stationary or mobile 3D printing factory — multiple printing heads can be installed on the same rails.

Modular tent is available for arranging a near-site 3D-printing facility.