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AC3D has Completed the Development of New 3D Printer Model: Codemason – Micro Factory!

image 2024 02 17 16 09 36
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Micro Factory is an off-site printer designed to print a wide range of concrete parts as well as prefabs for modular construction elements.

Here are some key features of the machine:

1. Large printing area (XYZ) starts from 6x4x3 meters and is adjustable due to modular design.
2. Rigidity of the gantry structure — highest accuracy, surface quality and reliable speed of printing.
3. Robust and easy to maintain high-performance printhead, up to 1.5 cubic meters per hour.
4. The main idea of the printer was to create a scalable high-productivity stationary or mobile 3D printing factory — multiple printing heads can be installed on the same rails.
Modular tent is available for arranging a near-site 3D-printing facility.

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