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Codemason - Micro Factory


Construction 3D printer Codemason Micro Factory is designed to print the following objects with printing mixes based on cement, geopolymer and other materials:

– Prefabs of modular buildings; 
– Elements of multi-story buildings;
– Facade elements;
– Permanent formworks for monolithic structures; 
– Infrastructure for residential communities; 
– Industrial concrete parts; 
– Products for landscaping (ladders, fences, etc.); 
– Furniture (tables, chairs and other elements); 
– Small architectural forms and decorative elements; 
– Small buildings on-site (up to 55 square meters). 

The mechanical part of the printer is a metal gantry, which has a movable transverse beam and a vertical beam. The vertical beam with the print head fixed on it has the ability of moving along the transverse beam. The mixture is supplied to the head by a concrete pumping station. The design is modular, which makes it possible to adjust the printing area. The base printing height of 3m allows printing the widest possible range of products.

The automated control system with reliable servo drives ensures smooth movements and high printing accuracy and speed.

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Codemason Micro Factory motion test


1. Base printing area (XYZ) is 6x4x3 meters (19.5’ x 13’ x 9.75’) and is scalable according to customers’ needs. 

2. Easy installation which doesn’t require heavy lifting equipment (just one forklift). 3d printer can be transported in one truck. 

3. Rigidity of the structure enables high reliable printing speed and accuracy. 


4. Easy maintenance of the print head (quick-release clamps, easy disassemble for cleaning). 

5. Tangential printing (optional) – ability to upgrade the printhead with additional rotational axis and flaps for leveling the surface. 

6. High-performance printhead enables the extrusion of up to 1.5 cubic meters of printing material per hour. 

7. Ready to print with cementless geopolymer concrete. 

8. Mobile factory set-up allows to install Codemason Micro Factory next to the construction site eliminating logistics while producing prefabs and other parts locally in the controlled environment. A modular rapid deployment tent is available as an option. 

Specification - 3D Printer CODEMASON 2.0

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Mixer/pump specifications*

*Batch plant available as an option

1. Estimated maximum flow rate: 2 m /h
2. Estimated minimum flow rate: 0,5 m /h
3. Maximum hose length: 30 m
4. Batching specifications: classic “wet” feed (the mixture is prepared in a concrete mixer and fed into the head through a hose) and pneumatic “dry” feed (dry mixture and water are fed into the head and mixing takes place in the head)
5. Silo capacity: 4 m, can be increased upon request
6. Material batching system and mixer-pump integrated with the printer