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Construction 3D printer Codemason 2.0 is designed to print various types of buildings / prefabs with mixtures based on cement, geopolymer, gypsum and other materials:

– Houses / villas / hospitality buildings;
– Commercial buildings / infrastructure;
– Structural elements of multi-storied buildings;
– Non-removable formwork for monolithic structures (including foundations and ceilings);
– Prefabs of modular buildings;
– Structures for Landscaping/Recreation/City infrastructure;

The mechanical part of the printer is a steel-made gantry, which has movable transverse and vertical beams. The vertical beam with the print head fixed on it has the function of moving along the transverse movable beam. The mixture is supplied to the printing head by a concrete pumping station. The design is modular, which makes it possible to change the printing area according to specific properties of the printed building.

Rigid structure of the gantry along with automated control system with advanced drives ensures smooth and precise movements with high printing accuracy, surface quality and speed.

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Codemason 2.0 in Dubai

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Geopolymer printing


1. Adjustable standard printing area (Length x Width x Height) up to 14 x 11 x 9.5 meters (45’ × 39’ × 31’). Length can be extended without limitations due to rail-based design of the gantry.

1.1 Available upgrade to increased printing area (quotation upon request)
X-axis – unlimited length
Y-axis – 11 meters width (is available with upgrade to lightweight Y-beam)
Z-axis – 9.5 meters height

2. Scalable, modular design – flexibility depending on the size of the building.

3. Fast installation and dismounting (mobility), doesn’t need heavy lifting equipment (gantry is erected with special winches) and can be transported in one truck in a special transportation casing.


4. Tent option – a special modular tent can be supplied for additional protection from weather

5. Rigidity of the gantry structure – highest accuracy, surface quality and reliable speed of printing.


6. Easy maintenance of the print head (additional drive for raising and lowering the head, quick-release clamps, modular design for easier cleaning).

7. Tangential printing with flaps – ability to upgrade the printhead with additional rotary axes and flaps for better surface quality.

8. Robust high-performance printhead design, up to 1.5 cubic meters per hour.

9. Ready to print with cementless Net-zero geopolymer concrete (proprietary material mix available via AC3D).

Specification - 3D Printer CODEMASON 2.0

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Mixer/pump specifications*

*Batch plant available as an option

1. Estimated maximum flow rate: 2 m /h
2. Estimated minimum flow rate: 0,5 m /h
3. Maximum hose length: 30 m
4. Batching specifications: classic “wet” feed (the mixture is prepared in a concrete mixer and fed into the head through a hose) and pneumatic “dry” feed (dry mixture and water are fed into the head and mixing takes place in the head)
5. Silo capacity: 4 m, can be increased upon request
6. Material batching system and mixer-pump integrated with the printer